Monday, 25 August 2008

Just A Couple Pictures

Here is the view of my living room from the door that leads into my bedroom. That couch is relatively comfortable, though it does make me feel like I'm falling off of it. I can tell it can be unfolded into a bed, but I can't seem to manage it yet.

Here is the view of my bedroom from the door that leads to my living room. The bed is pretty stiff but I'm sure it's good for me. I am sitting at the desk in the corner as I type this (now that I have internet in my apartment. WHOO!). Over my bed I've started a collage of notes from loved ones. The calligraphy is from 2005 in Harbin.

If you want to see the rest of the photos of my apartment, check 'em out here.



Sophia said...

Sproff, it's Sara - followed the link from Facebook and thought I'd say hi. Hi! Also, *hugs*. Question - what's your address over there? It looks like you're getting good internet access, but it's always fun to get actual mail. You can shoot me an email at Good luck!

Casey said...

Yay! Your being added to my blogs on Google Reader right now!

I miss you!