Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Life - Stress = Boredom

So I was rather freaked out because my contract technically starts tomorrow. So I thought that classes started tomorrow. And no one had given me a schedule, a syllabus, materials, and I hadn't met with the director of the IB. Nothing. No orientation, no meeting with the other teachers...

So this morning after breakfast, I walked over to the main building to find out what the deal was. I talked to Sue who said that classes don't start until Monday. Oh! Well, I feel better now. Of course now I have to amuse myself for another 5 days.

The IB director should be here tomorrow, so I'm going to go talk with her then. I also have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Pete says it'll be a blood test, chest x-ray and an EKG most likely. Then I get to fill out paper work for my foreign experts card (aka, work visa). Hopefully then the "this is what we expect of you as a teacher" part comes.

According to Sue, most of the foreign teachers should be on campus by now. Aka...in the building I'm in now. I have heard a lot more activity going on today. I think later I may open my door again and hope someone wanders by. I heard two people walking down the hall speaking english, but I couldn't think of a good excuse to pop my head in the hall other than: "I heard two people speaking english and I'm lonely....HI!"

Anyway, don't want to bore you all with rambling and I'm actually pretty hungry (I think it was writing that last post that did it).

As a side note, I bought some potpourri for my apartment (it was on sale at Carrefour, and cheaper than an aerosol air freshener) and now it smells lovely in here.

Much love,


Vickie Rice said...

Hi Steph! Great blog! I love knowing what is going on with you there. Great cooking pictures, but I definitely expect you get more creative as you go on, just like you do at home. I know you'll come up with some interesting and flavorful dishes. Good luck in meeting with your neighbors!

Love, Mom

Corinne said...

Hi pretty lady! Clearly, what you need is a bowl of candy and condoms outside your door...as I recall isn't that how you lured all your current Drew friends in? You crafty woman you. P.S. your apartment is far nicer than anything I'm ever going to live in :( but now I'm thinking of writing a blog from Connecticut...which is pretty much a foreign country to me :) Happy China!

Sabrina said...


I totally missed your last send off. Poo. But I will be keeping tabs here to see what you're up to :) Your adventures so far sound like fun!