Thursday, 22 January 2009

Visiting America!

After a 13 and half hour flight, two hours of waiting in the airport (there was a mixup...apparently the interwebs said my flight was delayed...LIES!), and then two hours of driving....

I'm home!

I will be in America until February 7th. I/my parents are having an open house this Saturday if friends and family are in the area and wanna stop by.

Also, if you need to reach me while I'm in the US I'm using my dad's cell phone. I put the number on my facebook profile (don't wanna just post it on this public site). If we aren't friends on facebook and you wanna call me, leave me a comment/message.


Bonnie said...


Welcome home (for a bit)!

Pete said...

Yay! I'm glad you arrived safely. Have tons of fun with your family and friends!

Cori said...

. . . Cat Monster . . . ?

Hope you got home home safely, see you in a week!

Cori said...

Hey, also, what is the music in the Harbin video? It's really pretty