Tuesday, 20 January 2009


So I cannot continue my Harbin in pictures at the moment, nor can I post a knitting update. For some reason blogspot is being weird on my computer and keeps timing out when I try to upload pictures. Bah. Hopefully it will go away soon so I can finish showing all of you Harbin.

For the time being I am trying in a weird way to get over my jet lag before I leave. Since I've had trouble sleeping anyway and my flight back from Harbin was delayed (getting me back to my apartment at 2am) I figured why not? "Last night" I went to bed at 6am and today woke up at 3pm. Not a bad start.

I am currently drying my third load of laundry in a row. Then I shall start the packing extravaganza. I am not looking forward to the 13 hour flight, but I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I hope I don't forget to bring anything...

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