Monday, 5 January 2009

My first semester is winding down...

Things are both more and less busy right now.

Teaching classes is easier since the students are mostly studying and reviewing for their finals which start tomorrow. I've been playing games or teaching them songs in class. However, very shortly I will have another STACK of final papers to read. Thinking back on all those midterms I had to read makes me shudder. Ah last hurdle before break.

Yesterday in class I noticed a student was using their cell phone under their desk. Rather than take it away I tried to convey to them how OBVIOUS it is when they use a cell phone in class. I took the girl's cell phone and asked her to stand in front of the class as though she was teaching. I sat in her seat and looked down at her phone as though I was using it. Do they really think they are invisible two feet in front of me in a class of 15 students?

The school doesn't require it of me, but I asked my students to fill out evaluation sheets for me. I wanted to know what they felt about my class and about me as a teacher. I asked them not to put their names on them so they could feel comfortable saying things they didn't like. I think I will probably make a post with all the nice things my students said about me. It would be nice to have a look back on when I am feeling like a crummy teacher. Oddly enough, some students asked for harder tests and more work in class. One student even said I should be more strict. How is that for a sign that I'm too easy as a teacher!

I have to invigilate one final on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I have to sit and watch the students study for two classes on Tuesday and two classes on Thursday. Wednesday I have nothing...Friday through Sunday...grading papers! Whoo!

I am a little worried about Harbin. I looked on and last week it got as low as -17F. OH DEAR. This week I am going to take a trip to Decathalon (the sports store) to get myself some boots, a good hat, thick socks, and maybe some thin gloves to wear under my other gloves...

I can't believe that I am coming home to visit in just 16 more days. Time seems to move so quickly now.

Anyway, off to my last class of the day.


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