Monday, 19 January 2009

My Trip to Harbin in Pictures: Part One!

So I figured for those of you who dislike my long text entries I would tell you about my trip in picture form.

Sooo...Day One!

I took the Maglev train at 6:45 am. Here you can see the top speed our train reached, 301km/h. We made it to the airport in 8 minutes.
My hotel in Harbin was right off of Center Street. It was a really nice place. You can see here my giant comfy bed, as well as a plate of wrapped up fruit. Tasty!
I headed out early on the second day. I walked down Center Street and took pictures of all the sculptures down the way. Here is an ice Venus de Milo.At the end of Center Street is the Flood Monument.
For no real reason I decided to walk across the Songhua River instead of taking a carriage. This picture is from about the middle of the river.
Across the river I went to Sun Island. Before going to the main event of the snow sculptures, I figured I would check out this little Russian style village. It was kind of dull, but prettyAfter that I went to see the snow sculptures. This is the gate I went through.
I got myself some frozen candied fruit like I promised Pete I would. Yum!
There were tons of snow sculptures both big and small, artistic and funny, complex and simple. I will put a link here to all my pictures, but for now I will just give you these two pictures. First, one of the santa the size of a mountain.
And second this BADASS skeleton riding what I can only assume is a hell beast.
For dinner that night I had some fried shrimp, some pork off the bone, a bowl of rice and a Harbin beer.Here are the links to the rest of the pictures from Sun Island, etc.
Harbin 2009
Harbin 2009: Sun Island
Harbin 2009: Sun Island II

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kimmieb said...

aaah i miss harbin! i'm so proud i recognized some things you talked about :)

i found out that p.f. chang's in atlantic city supposedly carries harbin beer so i'm hoping to make a trip to get some in the summer... maybe you come too, yes? ;)