Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Quotes from my Evals..

I am mostly writing these for myself. In case next semester I start feeling down on myself I can look back at all the nice things my student wrote about my class/me.

-Your classes are very interesting. I have a lot of fun.
-Cheer up!
-Take care yourself~
-You're doing a great job.
-Stephanie's class is the best English class in my English study life.
-Fun, I'm lovin it
-Stephanie is great.
-Good teach you are, but the students are too naughty.
-Stephanie really makes our classes interesting and full of fun! :-)
-Your classes are the best classes that I've ever had.
-You always very care about us. When we looks tired you will let us have a game sometimes.
-We can have a lot of fun, learn the knowledge in a relaxing atmosphere.
-I like the class atmosphere now, I hope you can keep it.
-I like you, you're nice! :-)
-I like your class very much.
-(Under suggestions) More class! more Stephanie's class in every weeks!
-I think all the things is good. REALLY.
-You are very interesting. I like you very very much!
-Stephanie you are lovely.
-(Under what do you like best about my class) Creativity, things usual teachers don't do or won't allow.
-The classes are quite good!!!
-Your class is really interesting, I like it.
-The class is very funny.
-I like your class! Hope you can teach us a long time! =)
-I'm so happy to have your class in this term.
-I like your class very much!
-The class is very good!
-It's comfortable to have your class.
-I think Stephanie's class is fun. It's very relax for me.
-You've been so kind to us. I really appreciate that. I'm really looking forward to next semester. Thank you!
-She is really kind and so patient to us. She always have fun with us, activities left a deep impression on me and this is a good way to quickly get to know each other.

My only worry now is that I am TOO lenient of a teacher! Ah well.

I got some good suggestions too. Some student wrote specific songs or bands they would like to learn about. A couple gave me ideas for games. A few said they would like to go outside. Oddly enough a lot of students said that the love letter was either their FAVORITE or LEAST FAVORITE writing assignment...huh. Maybe some students thought it was a little embarrassing.

I suppose that's all for now.



Anonymous said...

one of the early comments "Fun, I'm lovin It".....
thank you McDonalds....

Bonnie said...

You should be SUPER proud of yourself. Congratulations, teach!

vickierice said...

It wouldn't be you if you weren't worried about SOMETHING!