Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow and Tea

This is a weird time to post this picture since today is actually the warmest it's been in a while. However, I haven't posted in a while and I like this picture.

This picture is from the day after I came back from Sanya. I thought it was funny that the day after I got back from lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean, I would see snow in Shanghai for the first time. "Snow" is a rather grandiose term in my born-and-bred New Englander opinion. "Flurries" or maybe "sky dandruff" would be more fitting. Still, it was nice to see. This picture was taken from my balcony.

In other news, today is an awful day to be a beverage near me. Or my keyboard...especially my backspace key. The first thing I did when I got to work this morning was make my usual cup of instant coffee. The second thing I did was spill my coffee all over my desk. I had to use up the rest of my paper towels to clean it up but I was extremely lucky not to get more than a drop or two on my laptop.

After lunch the first thing I did was make myself a nice cup of can guess what happened next. UNluckily, this time I got more than a fair amount on my keyboard. I immediately shut down and began the drying process (and found a surprising amount of dog hair trapped under the keyboard...). I had removed and dried under about 10 keys when the backspace snapped. ERG. I am lucky that was the only casualty, but I am very quickly and painfully realizing how much I normally use the backspace key. And my natural reaction is to use my pinkie to hit it, which is now impossible. I think I am going to try to superglue it to fix it. Or...ya know...learn to type better. Ugh.

Things are rather busy but boring here (hence the lack of update). School is finishing up. My last day of work before break (providing I get all my paperwork done) should be Friday. Chinese lessons are going well, although the last lesson I learned (about business dealings) was so complex my brain exploded a bit. There is another improv show this Friday that I am looking forward to. Saturday I am planning to get some people together for a birthday dinner for me. :-)

Now I just need to get through this pile of finals, finish my CAS paperwork, fill in my test reviews and evals, book hotels and shows for when my mom comes to visit, and you know...continue life. Phew.

Much love!

P.S. For the people who have been asking....No...I'm not coming back to the US this holiday. The earliest I'll be back home is very late June or early July.

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Cori said...

lol you should attach a shocker in place of the backspace to teach you to make fewer mistakes.....zzzzzt :)