Sunday, 10 January 2010

1 Hot Plate, 1 Toaster Oven, 3 Courses

This weekend I had Lucy and Audrey over for dinner. Feeling ambitions, I decided to cook a fantastic dinner including appetizer and dessert. Keep in mind my "kitchen" consists of a hot plate and a toaster oven.

For an appetizer I made a simple salad with mixed greens and tomatoes. I also baked some buttermilk biscuits.

For dinner I made baked stuffed chicken. I flattened the chicken breast, made a filling of spinach, ricotta cheese, feta and some seasonings and wrapped it all up in prosciutto.

I made some brown rice as a side, with a garlic mushroom sauce to go on top (mushrooms and garlic in some butter and lemon, thickened it with some flour, then white wine and chicken stock...yum).

Dessert was chocolate-chocolate chip muffins. Yum! We also watched Grease which I loved in middle school and I don't think I have seen since then. I still remembered all the words. *DORK*

I really should invite people over for dinner more often. I LOVE cooking, I just don't feel like going through the effort for just myself.

I am thinking of making some nice hearty soups since it's winter, I have a giant pot and it would be easy to make a big batch in one sitting and reheat for meals later. Any recipe suggestions out there??

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