Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I Haz A Hat

Consistent readers of my blog might remember that around this time last year I got a wonderful package from the wonderful Elysse currently being awesome in Scotland. In this wonderful package she sent me lovely handspun wool. For a while now it has been sitting in my craft drawer deciding what it wanted to be when it grew up. This weekend it told me it wanted to be a big chunky comfy hat. I was happy to help.

A couple days later and I have a nice warm chunky hat. I finished it last night and even though it is warmer today then it has been since before Christmas, I have been wearing it in the office (why yes....I am a show-off). I like the fact that it is big enough to cover my ears.

Problem: Having a Big Head. Solution: Being Able to Knit.

I really need to soak it since the yarn obviously still has some of the natural lanolin and such from the sheep. I might even do a gentle felting.

And now, do you like my hat?
(Proper response: I do! What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!)

Much Love,

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