Monday, 9 March 2009

Pictures From Saturday

Cuz you know you all like pictures...

Some lovely drawings on the wall of the restaurant...
Our spread for the evening (not sure why this picture is a little green tinted...)
The four of us at the restaurant.
Our "martinis" which were served in lowball glasses and made with, k?
Coming down the stairs from the restaurant.
Isa shaking her dice cup at Windows.
My very dramatic roll in the middle of the dice game.
I forgot to mention this in my wordy post, but at Shanghai studio we ordered a "Flaming Mountain", which was SO COOL. The guy layered Kaluha, Bailey's and vodka in some glasses, then stacked some brandy snifters on top, filled a shot glass with rum (I think?), set it on fire and poured it over the whole thing. I know it's really hard to tell, except for some wavy heat lines, but the entire structure in the below picture is ENGULFED with blue flames.
You stick a straw in and slurp up the drink super fast. It was delicious...and warm. :-) After I was done with mine, I realized my straw was on fire. Ha!

That's all for now!


Cori said...

Hi my favorite Stephie :) SO, my story for you was not so much a story as a random weird thing that happened. I was going into NYC and saw not one but TWO people from of whom was a guy named Dan who was 2 years ahead of us? Who now does stand up in New York? Who wanted your number? But I had to inform him you were in China and check that he know...someone you in fact wanted to have your number....

kj said...