Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bulldog Tuesday 2

Last night I met up with Isabelle and Lucy at Bulldog for ladies night again.

On the way, while riding Line 1, a guy prepared to get off at the stop before mine. He went and stood with his back to door, which I thought was a little weird. He started talking loudly, addressing the whole subway car in the Shanghainese dialect (I couldn't understand what he was saying). Then, speaking just as loudly, he suddenly switched to English: "We must all work together against corruption and to make the world a better place!" I assumed he was looking at me while he said that since I was the only waigouren in that subway car, but I didn't feel like looking up. Then he said, "HELLO beautiful young lady!" When I looked up he was looking directly at me. Then he said "Welcome to Shanghai!" He leaned forward and said in a stage whisper, "I love you very much!" The doors opened and he slipped away before I had any time to react.

So I guess I met the Shanghai welcoming committee. Too bad he was 7 months late.

At Bulldog we had some more snacks and drinks. Since I picked up the tab for the snacks last time and the drinks were free all night, I didn't have to pay at all for last night. Whoo! At the pub we made friends with a very cool lady named Megan. She used to be a welder and now is back in school for environmental engineering. She's been here with her wife since August.

Here is Megan, Lucy and me from last night. (Not a good picture of me...oh well)
I really do love living here. You meet the coolest people. And you also have a few automatic conversation starters: Where are you from, how long have you been here and what brought you to China?

I am hoping to finally get that massage I keep talking about tonight. Tomorrow is Trivia night at Frangipani. Isabelle is planning on going, as is Megan. I figure if I get a good night's sleep tonight I'll make another trek out to Puxi and join them.

Anyway, back to workies.

Much love,


BURF said...

See? you are loved every place you go! Odd and strange folk come out of places and express themselves to you. You got this stalkler - um, Guy out there, and you got me over here, and if you head off to Scotland to see Elysse you'll gain yet another!

Cori said...

lol ACTUALLY I paid that subway guy to say that to you...but this time I DIDN'T make it a public facebook group! P.S. I love how the security words you have to type to leave a comment are ALMOST real words...they make me want to write a fake dictionary for all of them...or a poem composed of them...perhaps next time I have free time...