Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just some stuff...

So yesterday I was a little frustrated because in two of my classes it was a struggle to get my students to pay attention. I snagged rubik's cubes and cell phones and constantly had to wait for them to quiet down so I could talk again. I was feeling pretty grumpy but then I went to the classroom and saw that one of my students (Simon/Zinc) had written "Stephanie" in big letters across the blackboard. The "S" was a special stylized S I had taught him how to draw one day in class. For the "PH" he used the Pinghe logo seen below at the far left.

It was really nice. It showed that he was thinking about me, was using something I had taught him, and also tied me in with the school by using the logo in my name. I keep flipflopping here between frustration and lots of warm fuzzies. It's confusing.

Also, my friend Ashley sent me an e-mail today to inform me that I was in Drew University's newspaper this week! She scanned the article and sent it to me:
If you actually want to read the article you can click it to see a bigger copy. It was in the April Fools edition of the "Acron" (instead of Acorn) so it's all a joke anyway. I just thought it was funny that I graduated and they are still using a picture of me...

I work so much faster with a deadline. I decided today that I HAD to get the tests back to my students today. After wasting time for a week I was able to finish all of class A's tests in an HOUR. Aiya.

Emily, the new Chinese name is 米雪飞. Xuefei is the Chinese version of Sproffee. It sounds more like a Chinese name and people seem to like it better than Mifengguan. :-)

Anyway, I am going to try and take it easy tonight because I still don't feel 100%. I do want to post some pictures though so hopefully I will get that done.

Much love,

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