Tuesday, 29 September 2009


So last night I went with Lotus to a free salsa dance lesson. It was a lot of fun.

Lucy keeps trying to get me to go salsa dancing with her, but I didn't want to go without at least one lesson under my belt. When Lotus also expressed interest and mentioned a place where we could do a free trial lesson, I was game. The place was called Tango Bang, and it was actually a restaurant/bar/dance studio...which is a very weird and very cool mix. There were 5 students there, including me and Lotus. It was an hour long and we learned a bunch of the basics. I like that the instructor didn't go too slowly.

All I can think is that my friend Carolyn would laugh at me telling about the class because I picked it up rather quickly. I can't help it. After 9 years of dance classes and a semester of ballroom dance lessons, picking up a simple 8 step routine is pretty easy. When I got partnered up with the instructor, I think she realized I had done ballroom dancing before and started to lead me through the dance steps, signaling me with her hands instead of saying the next step. Now that I understand the basics I'd love to go out with Lucy and her friends sometime.

Lotus seems interested in taking some classes there. I'd love to as well, but my priority right now is to start my Chinese lessons. After taking my Chinese classes for a while, I'll see if I can squeeze some dance lessons in too. Could be fun!

Tonight I am getting some last minute things for my trip to JAPAN! I leave tomorrow and I am excited and nervous and in disbelief. There was almost a bit of a disaster. I was chatting with D'Arcy about details yesterday and she happened to say "See you Thursday!" at the end of the conversation. I said "Wait...WHAT!? My flight is Wednesday!". Oh dear oh dear. Good thing we noticed before I ended up at the airport lost and confused.

Wish me happy travels and I will hopefully have lots of fun Japan stories next time I post!

Much love,

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