Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Pre-Japan Checklist!

-Find suitcase that is about 2" bigger on all dimensions from my smallest suitcase so that I can do the amazing one suitcase going there, two suitcases come back trick.....CHECK
-Pack probably too much since I will only be there a week....CHECK
-Pack book (Dark Tower), notebook and sudoku for the flight....CHECK
-Buy new umbrella and disposable ponchos since the weather says it will rain all this week (bummer)....CHECK
-Exchange Chinese yuan for Japanese yen (and consequently get free gift of plug!)....CHECK
-Wash dishes/empty trash/sweep floor/do laundry, so as to not have a gross apartment when I get back....CHECK
-Buy snacks for the plane ride (a plane ride that is LESS than 12 hours? what is this nonsense)....CHECK
-Have confusing chat with gate guard about getting a taxi to the airport....CHECK

-Panic about flight, passport, tickets, weather, clothes, taxis, delays, traffic, my apartment, customs, how expensive Japan is, looking like an idiot, not being able to speak Japanese, getting lost, having a good time, being a good guest, bringing too much/not enough money, bringing too much/not enough stuff, buying too much/not enough souvenirs.....CHECK

Looks like I'm ready to go!

I'm going to take a shower, have some lunch and then watch Friends until it's time to go. I will also try to calm down, but I can't promise anything.

Much love!


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Pete said...

I'm so jealous! Have a great trip!