Friday, 25 September 2009

(Mostly) Finished Blanket Pictures!

So I think I figured out how to edit my text around my pictures. If so, I've found a surefire way to post in my blog, with pictures, once again. Fingers crossed!

Finally I am ready to reveal my Lizard Ridge blanket.

I have been saying for a bit I was going to put op my blanket pictures. you go! I say mostly finished because I still plan on crocheting a nice border around the edges. But all the squares are blocked and sewn together. I love the invisible seam sewing technique I learned so that if you look at the verticle seams you cannot see a single stitch. And I sewed this baby up with black yarn! The finished blanket is a pretty nice size. About 6 feet by 5, if I remember correctly. Of course this is just guessing.

And for added fun I finally took a picture and inserted the names on the square everyone gave me. If you click on it, the picture should get bigger so you can see it better. If you are wondering about the 9 squares without names, I can explain. I wanted to make a blanket with one square from each person who gave me yarn, but the dimensions didn't work out quite right. I was aiming for a 5x7 square blanket, so I needed two more. When I made two more I realized that a 5x7 blanket looked really stupid. Too thin for how wide it was, so I knitted up 7 more squares. The yarn is all from the names on the blanket, but I thought it would be unfair to keep track of who got more than one square on the blanket. I honestly don't remember who the yarn for those extra 9 squares is from.

Anyway, hope it was worth the wait. I love how it came out. I finished it in August and I was still wearing it around the house...sweating. It's super comfy and so beautiful and full of happy thoughts.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me yarn. I love my blanket and every time I use it I will think of all of you!

Much love,

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