Friday, 28 August 2009

Calm Before The Storm

I can't believe I'm going back tomorrow...

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blanket Teaser

These are just a couple of pictures of my mostly finished blanket. I plan on taking a picture where you can see all the squares clearly. If I get REALLY ambitious I will go through a label each square so you can all see where your square is. As of now, I have finished with the sewing and weaving in all the lose ends. I decided to hold off on the crochet border until I get back. I only have a few days before I go back to Shanghai and I don't want to leave it in the middle of the border.

These pictures are kind of goofy. I was thinking of submitting a picture for the Knitty calendar content but ended up not doing it. My mom basically took pictures of me at the cabin trying to be artsy with the blanket.

Here I am posing drinking "coffee" (the cups empty...shhhhh). Booboo behaved and posed for the picture too.
I like this one because I look very silly, but happy.
Now I should really get down to earth and start packing. Plane leaves around 4 on Friday. EEK.

Much love,

Friday, 14 August 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

So yeah, I haven't been posting much.

Partially because I've been busy, partially because most of the stuff I've been doing lately is probably only interesting to be, and partially because this blog is called "Stephanie in Shanghai" and not "Stephanie does random stuff around the North East of the USA".

Time is counting down. Two weeks until I go back to Shanghai. I am rather freaked out about this. This has been an amazing summer and I don't feel ready to leave behind my friends and family all over again. But part of me is certainly looking forward to going back...otherwise why would I have signed on for another year?

The blanket is going swimmingly. All 42 lovely squares are sewn together. It is, however, not really finished. I have tons and tons and tons of loose ends (literally) that need to be weaved in. I also want to crochet a black border around the edge to help it keep it's shape and to make it look more "finished". Expect pictures soonish...

I think I've put around 1,000 miles on my car this summer driving to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Delaware, New Jersey...basically trying to visit everyone I can before going back to China. Tomorrow I leave for the cabin again in one last stint to soak up as much of my "happy place" as I can before going back to a big city. Next weekend is one last trip to NJ to visit folks.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me.

Here's a bonus of some things I've been up to this summer...

At a stone wall on the property in upstate New York.
Holding a baby turtle.
Feeding a hummingbird.
That's all for now folks!

Much love,