Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blanket Teaser

These are just a couple of pictures of my mostly finished blanket. I plan on taking a picture where you can see all the squares clearly. If I get REALLY ambitious I will go through a label each square so you can all see where your square is. As of now, I have finished with the sewing and weaving in all the lose ends. I decided to hold off on the crochet border until I get back. I only have a few days before I go back to Shanghai and I don't want to leave it in the middle of the border.

These pictures are kind of goofy. I was thinking of submitting a picture for the Knitty calendar content but ended up not doing it. My mom basically took pictures of me at the cabin trying to be artsy with the blanket.

Here I am posing drinking "coffee" (the cups empty...shhhhh). Booboo behaved and posed for the picture too.
I like this one because I look very silly, but happy.
Now I should really get down to earth and start packing. Plane leaves around 4 on Friday. EEK.

Much love,

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